It truly is fascinating how passion is the driving force behind everything we do. Being passionate about anything from food to art in its various forms; not only shapes who we are but is also the way we subtly communicate our identities to the world. When people ask passion-driven individuals, like collectors, why they bother collecting, they typically have one answer: Why not? They're not trying to avoid the question or be cheeky, they really can't fathom a world that doesn't have the collectible that impassioned them. 

The art of collecting is profoundly vast, and learning about it can seem rather incomprehensible. That’s why we have constructed this list covering the most popular forms of collecting.


Lincoln Coin Collection

We had to start with this one. It is actually the only category to accumulate millions of followers across the world! Coins have a multitude of history that makes it such a worthwhile hobby. People invest in rare coins for potential long-term profit. Not to mention the myriad of applications coin collecting has for historical or artistic significance. It is also one of the less exclusively strict forms of collecting out there. 

Some people can be identified as casual enthusiasts if they gather foreign coins when abroad or find them by accident and keep them for sentimental purposes. However, it is like many collectible-based hobbies, largely dependent on the quality of the collection. Coin collectors measure each other’s coin collections by how unique their assemblies are. Make sure that you own these rare coins to transform your collection to museum-worthy. These coins include a certificate of authenticity shipped with them to help with a profitable resale.


 Diecast Model

Models exhibit the mechanical and historical advancements of the original object in a precise way. Given they could be made of various materials, models tend to show a deep sense of detail, making them an even better representation of the objects they mean replicating. They also have the privilege of greater longevity, which is a significant benchmark of any collectible. It would be much more efficient to collect diecast model cars than buying tons of exotic cars. 

As a new model collector, you should think about the layout of your collection. There are no rigid and quick rules for this, just preferential tendencies that will help you create a collection you can be proud of. Whether you like cars, boats, trains, aircraft, buses, spacecraft, military equipment, or the classic Dinky Toys, getting an idea of the categories you want to collect will make it easier to find models that work well together to form a larger collection.


Iwo Jima Framed Print with Bullet

Yes, it might be a bit puzzling, given how almost all acts of collecting are forms of commemorating memorabilia, regardless of the type; coin collecting, model collecting, and lots more are just efforts in owning a piece of history. However, since most of the collecting practices are for memory-sake, this category is exclusively about literal tokens of history and not just an abstract object resembling historical periods. Consequently, this is one of the most branched forms of collecting there is.

Movie Memorabilia

By far the most globally pervasive type of collecting there is. Movie memorabilia includes costumes, scripts, posters, and signed props that have immeasurable value due to their association to the cinema. Such items are prized by fans and collectors for their cultural and historical significance as well as emotional value. They can also be used to give a glimpse into the almost untapped celebrity world. It is safe to say that movie memorabilia is a trip back to the first time you viewed your favorite movie. These valuable items are a reminder of what they meant in their own time and to us today.

Sports Memorabilia

Another widely fanned over collectible within the sphere of memorabilia. It is also widely versatile and can indulge any aspect that interests sports enthusiasts. Objects in sports memorabilia may include anything from a picture, poster, or championship trophy signed by your favorite athlete or team, to signed sports equipment, jerseys, and even signed pieces taken from a basketball court! These objects may or may not be autographed, with authentic autographed ones being higher in value. General tip, you may want to concentrate your attention on a single sport and squad instead of attempting to gather anything you can get your hands on.

Comic Books

In 2014, a mint-condition issue of a 1938 comic book, with its original price of only 10 cents on the cover, was sold on eBay for $ 3.2 million. Yes, it was a special one; it was the founding issue of Action Comics, which marked Superman's first appearance and triggered the superhero genre. It just goes to show how incremental comic books are for their respective collectors. It isn't just that old comic books have increasing value, but the fact that comic books are actually some of the most influential pieces of content to ever come to light. 

In the end, they're the equivalent of the mystical stories and legendary fables exchanged at camp-fires in the good old days. This form of collecting is one of the most widely known for a reason. Whether collectors assemble them because of the sentimental value each story holds, or sheer fascination with the smell of mint-condition paper, comic books remain one of the most universally admired collectibles. Not to mention that due to the growing global popularity of superhero films, comic book collecting has never been so relevant.


These are the most widely sought-after types of collecting out there. If you couldn't find yourself in the categories aforementioned, fret not. We are pretty sure you just haven't found your niche yet. We are all geeks when it comes to the things we love. Just ask yourself what it is that you relish in and find yourself intrigued by, and you will definitely find something you feel so impassioned by that you'll want to learn more about. That will be the first step towards mastering your collecting legacy.