Alexander the Great Tetradrachm



Alexander the Great. In the eyes of many, he was the Greatest Of All Time -- a legendary leader, world conqueror and cultural icon...both in history and the realm of ancient coins.

Throughout his life and his reign, Alexander arguably accomplished more to shape the world we know today than any other historical figure. That alone would make the coins of his reign coveted. But collectors prize this silver tetradrachm as much for its beauty and design as its rich heritage.

Issued by Alexander the Great between 336-323 BC, this ancient tetradrachm is struck of rich silver and depicts Alexander adorned with a lion’s scalp -- a nod to Heracles, the mythological Greek hero who slayed the Nemean lion. The reverse depicts Zeus, seated and holding an eagle.

NOTE: Each coin is guaranteed authentic and unique; actual product may vary.

Circulated condition
Struck of solid silver
Issued 336-323 BC
16-17 grams
27-30mm diameter

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