Ancient Gold Aureus of Emperor Nero


Experience the legendary opulence of ancient Rome, preserved in this 2000-year-old solid gold coin from the reign of Emperor Nero...a treasure from a bygone empire.  

When it comes to luxury and extravagance, no one set the bar like Emperor Nero. Renowned for his lavish Domus Aurea -- the golden palace he built in the heart of Rome. Reviled for living a life of legendary excess. His legacy has survived millennia. And now you can own a precious part of it.
Struck from solid gold almost 2000 years ago, this coin was issued by Emperor Nero during his reign (54-68 AD). The obverse depicts a bust of the emperor. The reverse image varies, but often features Salus, the Roman goddess of health.


Circulated condition
Struck of solid gold
Diameter 18-19mm
Weight 7.2-7.5 grams


NOTE: Each coin is guaranteed authentic and unique; actual product may vary.

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