Bronze Coin from the Heart of Ancient Egypt, Alexandrian Tetradrachm



Explore the far reaches of the Roman Empire, with an ancient coin struck in the heart of its crowning glory -- The mint in Alexandria, Egypt.

Founded by Alexander the Great, the city of Alexandria grew to become a bustling metropolis in the ancient world. Renowned for its agriculture, commerce, science, arts and education, it was home to Pharos, the famed Lighthouse of Alexandria and one of the wonders of the ancient world. It boasted the Alexandrian Library and Museum, a center for learning unrivaled in the Western hemisphere. And it housed the Mint of Alexandria, celebrated source of historic Greek, Roman and Byzantine currency for nearly a millennium.

This ancient bronze tetradrachm was struck in the historic Alexandrian Mint and dates from the third century AD, issued under Roman rule. Its obverse features a proud portrait of the Emperor, while the reverse depicts a variety of symbolic mortifs, as was the custom of the time. A rare artifact from a bygone era of wealth and prosperity.

NOTE: Each coin is unique and guaranteed in its authenticity, not a restrike or reproduction. Images are for illustration only; actual coin may vary.


Circulated condition
Issued in the 3rd century AD
Struck of solid bronze
Diameter 17-18mm
Weight 7-9 grams

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