John the Baptist Renaissance Gold Coin



From an era of glorious rebirth comes a Dutch masterpriece wrought in precious metal -- an authentic Renaissance gold florin issued by Arnold van Egmond, Duke of Gelders.

Soon after the first golden florentines (or fiorino d’oro) were struck in Italy in the 12th century, the florin design quickly spread across Europe, inspiring a wealth of regional variations. In what was then Gelderland, these coins were called gulden (Old Dutch for golden). And they could only be issued by the powerful dukes who ruled the region.

This Renaissance-era gold coin was issued by Arnold van Egmond, Duke of Gelders between 1423 and 1472 and features a portrait of John the Baptist on the obverse, with a Coat of Arms on the reverse.

NOTE: Each coin is unique and guaranteed in its authenticity, not a restrike or reproduction. Images are for illustration only; actual coin may vary.

Circulated condition
Issued 1423-1472
Struck of solid gold
Diameter 23-24mm
Weight 3 grams

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