Spanish-American 4 Maravedis


According to the explorers who first walked her shores, the New World held unbelievable riches. But this was the first one ever minted there.

Discover the very roots of American coinage in this historic Spanish-American 4 Maravedis bronze coin. It was struck only about 25 years after Columbus set foot in America, sometime between 1516-1556 in Santo Domingo (present-day Dominican Republic) -- the first Spanish outpost and Spanish mint in the New World.

Minted under the reign of Carlos I and Johanna, the coin’s obverse features a crowned, stylized Y in honor of the queen, while the reverse depicts two crowned pillars flanked by the mintmark S-P (for Santa Domingo del Puerto).



Ciculated condition
Hand-struck in solid bronze from hand-cut dies
Minted 1516-1556 in Santo Domingo
3-4 grams 


NOTE: Each coin is guaranteed authentic and unique; actual product may vary.

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