Silver State

Japanese 50 Sen Silver Coin Ring Polished


Delicate and beautiful, classic images of the Japanese chrysanthemum and a pair of phoenix grace this 1930s silver (.83) Japanese 50 Sen coin. Slip it on and feel the grace and dignity of this bygone Asian culture.

You can choose between our two classic finishes: Patina or Polished

Silver State Foundry coin ring sizes are slightly different from 'typical' rings because coins vary in thickness across the face of the coin. As a result, your size for a coin ring may be slightly different than for other rings you own.

To ensure you get a perfect fit when you order you'll receive a ring sizer in the mail. It is a non-locking zip-tie with a ring sizing scale printed on it. Simply loop it around your finger and read the size on the scale. All Silver State Foundry rings are guaranteed to match this ring sizer's measurement.

Once you order, your sizer will be in the mail asap. At the same time, Silver State Foundry will select your coin and prepare it for transformation into a ring. After you have determined your ring size, simply email us your order number and size at Silver State Foundry will then complete your ring. The whole process takes just a few days and you'll likely be wearing your ring in less than a week!

Additional Details

Made from genuine silver (.72) Japanese 50 Sen coin

Sizes 5-9

Width of band approximately 8mm

Random year from 1922-1938

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