Coin from the Birth of a Kingdom, Silver Medieval Armenian Tram



Celebrate the historic birth of a kingdom whose character was forged in the holy fires of the Crusades, captured in this authentic silver Armenian tram issued by Levon the Magnificent, first king of Cilicia.

As a wise and politically savvy lord, Leo I (also known as Levon) established Armenian Cilisia as a pivotal gateway between the warring factions of East and West during the Crusades. He eagerly supplied the European armies, earning the support of the Holy Roman Empire, which crowned him king in 1198. And durng the course of his reign, he championed alliances and trade charters that brought the kingdom unprecedented wealth.

An artefact of the burgeoning kingdom, this Medieval Armenian tram is struck of pure silver and features an image of Leo seated upon the throne on its obverse, while the reverse depicts a pair of rampant lions with the Patriarchal Cross between them.

NOTE: Each coin is unique and guaranteed in its authenticity, not a restrike or reproduction. Images are for illustration only; actual coin may vary.

Circulated condition
Issued during the reign of Levon I (1198-1219 AD)
Struck of solid silver
Diameter 20-23mm
Weight 3 grams

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