Tribute to Rome's Most Powerful Empress, Silver Julia Domna Coin



Discover the rich and riveting history of one of the most powerful women in the ancient world -- Roman Empress Julia Domna.

Though married to Emperor Septimus Severus and mother to Emperors Geta and Caracalla, Empress Julia was so much more than a traditional wife, mother, and footnote in the history of the Roman Empire. Over the course of her reign, she redefined the role of the empress, earning the respect of the populace as a legendary scholar, philosopher and passionate advocate for the arts. She even accompanied her husband on his military campaigns, which was unprecedented for the time, where her keen insights won her the allegiance of the Imperial legions, too. It is no wonder history recalls her as Empress Julia the Great.

Issued between 193-217 AD by Empress Julia's husband as a tribute to her achievements, this ancient silver coin features a portrait of Julia Domna on the obverse, while the reverse depicts varied Roman goddesses. Though nearly 2000 years old, these coins are extremely high quality, with very little wear.

NOTE: Each coin is unique and guaranteed in its authenticity, not a restrike or reproduction. Images are for illustration only; actual coin may vary.


Additional details:

Circulated condition
Issued: 193-217AD
Struck of solid silver
Diameter: 17-19mm
Weight: 3-3.5 grams

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