1948 Franklin Silver Half Dollar


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Ben Franklin’s many firsts shaped history. Now, you can own one of the greatest.

This historic 1948 Franklin Silver Half Dollar was the first coin to feature founding father Ben Franklin and the first circulating American coin ever to depict a regular citizen, not U.S. president. Struck in 90% pure silver, this prized piece of history is dated 1948, the first year of the legendary coin’s issue.

Now nearly 75 years old, Franklin Silver Half Dollars remain one of the most sought-after coins in U.S. Mint history. While coin series are required by law to continue for at least 25 years, the Franklin Half Dollar ended after only 15 -- a special dispensation made in order to honor John F. Kennedy after his assasination with the JFK Half Dollar.

NOTE: Each coin is guaranteed authentic and unique; actual product may vary.

Circulated condition
Struck of 90% pure silver
Diameter 30.6mm
Weight 12.5 grams

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